Injection Mould

Zhilian Injection Mould Factory is one of the famous injection mould manufacturers in plastic injection mold, commodity injection moulds, household injection molds and other injection molding process industries.
In order to be professional China injection mould factory and plastic product production line, Zhilian Mold has imported various high speed, high precision CNC milling machines from European, in which 5 axis Fidia CNC milling machine from Italy has become the main processing machine; establish dust-free injection molding workshop for plastic product production line; the branch company Dakumar Machinery has manufactured 50ton to 4000ton injection molding machines for the plastic mold test and injection molding production line.

Injection Mould Manufacturer

Zhilian Injection mould factory is a custom plastic injection molding company based in the mould town of China with a wide variety of machines, so our custom plastic injection molding plant can handle most job requirements. Our plastics engineers and processors are familiar with many types of injection molding series including but not limited to: