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otal Life Cycle Approach for Efficient and Networking Plastic

 Zhilian Mould       2014-04-22 15:36      visitor 
The goal of this project was to define a radically new concept of plastic injection processes, in which tools will pass from being passive elements to becoming networked active elements with embedded knowledge. This will allow, on the one hand, improved efficiency of the whole life cycle of plastic parts production, from mould-making to the production process itself, because all process parameters will be able to be monitored and corrected in real time. On the other hand, those involved in the total life cycle of plastic products (part designers, mould-makers, injection moulders, final customers, recyclers etc.) will have access to production and process parameters in real time. The mould will become the link for the knowledge flow, and the knowledge embedded in these "intelligent" moulds will allow the know-how gained by technicians to be retained and exploited more efficiently, so that moulds will become even more intelligent.