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Automotive stamping mould manufacturing large-scale mold prod

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 Automotive stamping mould manufacturing large-scale mold production key technology and management

Large-scale mold production has several features: value bigger; The customer service, items, more standard miscellaneous; To participate in the production of collaboration enterprise. Stamping mould development general process is: stamping process design - mold structure design - bubble type production - casting and machining parts purchasing - - the mold assembly - die commissioning. This article mainly from automotive stamping tooling production main link discuss the key support large-scale mold production technology and management.

Stamping process knowledge base and intelligent process design

1. The stamping process knowledge

Stamping process is the core content of stamping technology, stamping process do affects the quality of a piece with cycle. Long-term since, stamping process all depend on experience, therefore, even the same parts in different people's opinion, will have different process scheme in the design phase, and often bad evaluation advantages and disadvantages, until commissioning, has no comparison. This kind of phenomenon aspect elucidation process program does not have only sex, only better; On the other hand explain the contents of the lack of controllable standards, the quality is no guarantee. How to realize the stamping process control and regulate, in the most important stamping technology to realize large-scale production first to solve this difficult problem.

For automobile cover parts stamping mould speaking, a roughly 300 to 400 vehicles, according to a stamping characteristics of parts, each probably dozens of classification can affect the process parts difficult or feature points, usually only few points, therefore, can according to this feature classification, application KBE technology to build knowledgebase and artificially interactive function, based on the development of intelligent knowledge engineering stamping process analysis system, the software technology guarantee on the technology, standard optimization results. The technology application can break the obstacle, let experience a slight some stamping of knowledge can complete the work. Figure 1 shows the stamping process repository template of the interface.

Figure 1 stamping process knowledge is worth mentioning, template for the influence of stamping process analysis process experience, but also except the design of body parts itself. A good product design in addition to meet such requirements from the function, beautiful, still should consider products manufacturing technology and cost. Stronger auto companies usually have their own body stamping process departments and the role is in body design phases product manufacturing technology analysis, and provide improvement advice, if is deformation, will also be car design some problems before the change of feedback. Such body mold developing difficulty was greatly reduced. By contrast, some domestic automotive design of stamping process problems left from the larger, once digital-to-analog sealing edition, change the process complex and difficult, not only affect the development cycle, also can leave quality hidden trouble. Therefore, the modern body mold developing, body design phase analysis of stamping technology is more and more important, also is the important link control mould development. Stamping process as mould development front-end technology will gradually into the automotive design process, the demand will promote mould enterprise and automobile company, design company strategic alliance.

2. Stamping CAE aided process analysis

CAE technology in the application of stamping mould industry is a major technical revolution. Now stamping CAE software basically are based on finite element theory development, international popular software has AUTOFORM, PAM - STAMP DYNAFORM and etc. With the software in the mold industry CAE to promote, software function also constantly improve and strengthen, the current software can accomplish tensile, trimming, flanging, integers and springback (see figure 2) simulation analysis.

Figure 2 calculation results of a rebound in the application effect of stamping CAE technology to good play several functions:

(1) establish a CAE analysis results based on the stamping process evaluation standard system, has become the basis of control technology;
(2) fusion stamping process experience, will with knowledge engineering CAE analysis, combining to become the optimization stamping process tool;
(3) combined with the actual measurement, stamping debugging provide reference basis for auxiliary commissioning;
(4) based on CAE analysis process control should have sufficient tolerance and improve the actual stamping conditions of application.

Standardization, rapid templated die structure design

Along with the development of CAD software technology, parametric 3d design in mold domain has been widely applied in stamping mould, current 3d CAD software applications have CATIA, UG and Pro - E etc, this several software has strong parametric function. Meet the requirements of production scale, improve die mould structure design speed, shorten the design cycle is an important condition. Rely on parametric design software, research all kinds of stamping mould structure characteristics, development templated design system, can reduce duplication of structure design, significantly improve the design speed. However, because of the mould design, varied to pursue a everything templated system is not feasible, but can through the use of standardized associated parametric local typical structure, make the mould design process into local parametric structure accumulation process, through software Boolean operation realized. Mould templated design system is shown in figure 3.
Figure 3 mould templated design system of die structure design is a concrete realization process, the traditional mold design process, the same drawing of each sequence by different mould design, complete the communication between each other, less on procedure design change information cannot deliver timely, and production because of the process change influence of die structure change happen from time to tome, cause next procedure waste a lot of time in fact made useless. For a defined process, between each process is interconnected, if will process the links between the mould structure in the sequence linked also can, then we can achieve mold design in various order parallel. Realize the key technology of concurrent design and now some are associated design based on knowledge engineering software module system has been able to help achieve association design. Through the connection design, still can realize approximate parts mould design resources repetition application, shorten the design cycle.

Mould design of another problem is a quality control. Only from mould development in terms of, basically do not exist in existing on the possibility of improving get mould. So should experience "mode