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Automobile cover parts mold

 Zhilian Mould       2014-04-22 15:32      visitor 

 Auto mould the main component is covering mould. This kind of mold is mainly cold die. In the broadest sense of the "auto mould" is on making cars all parts mold floorboard. For example, stamping mould, injection mould, forging die, casting wax model, glass mould etc. The car body can be broadly divided into the stamping covering parts, beams pieces and general stamping. Can obviously say cars image characteristics of covering parts stamping is cars. Therefore, more indicator of auto mould can say to be "automobile cover parts stamping mould". Abbreviation automobile cover parts dies. For example, limber door board trimming mold, limber door panel punching mould etc. Of course car not only vehicle body have stamping. Bus all stamping mould are called "automotive stamping mould". To sum up is: 1. Auto mould is on making cars all parts mold floorboard. 2. Automotive stamping tooling is blunt system bus all stamping mould. 3. Automotive stamping mould is blunt system car body all stamping mould. 4. Automobile cover parts stamping mould is blunt system car body all covering mould. Now we this plate said auto mould seemed refers to the automobile cover parts dies. In order to not confuse the car dies, generalized in post with automobile covering the stamping die without cars. Stamping mold forms a lot, punching in accordance with the nature of work, mould and tectonic, die material classification in three aspects. General can press the following main feature classification: 1. According to the technical properties classification a. punch die along the closed or open contour line makes material produces separation mold. If blanking mold, punching die, cutting die, incision dies, trimming mold, cutting mould etc. B. bending die blank sheet metal blank or other to along the line (curved line) lead to bending deformation, thus obtains certain Angle and shapes of workpiece mold. C. deep drawing sheet metal blank the modules are made hollow pieces, or make opening hollow piece further change shapes and sizes of mold. D. forming mold is blank or semi-finished products according to drawing workpiece convex, concave die shapes directly, and material itself copy forming produces only local plastic deformation of the mold. Like bulging mode, shrinking mouth mold, enlarge mouth mold, ups and downs forming mold, flanging mould, plastic mould and so on. 2. According to procedure combination degree classification a. single procedure mold in press trip, only a complete a punching process mold. B. composite modulus is only one station, in press, in the same trip is available in two ways or performs two servings of punching process mould. C. progressive die continuous mode (also referred to in the direction of blank send, have two or more stations, in press trip, available in different ways or perform two successive two servings of punching process mould. 3, according to product processing method classification according to product processing method is different, can be divided into shearing die, die bending die mold, forming, to smoke system mold and compression five kinds of mould etc. A. shearing mould: based on shear function finished work, commonly used form has cut dies, next makings dies, punching dies, trimming dies, the whole rim dies, pull holes punching die and mould. B. bending dies: is the flat blank casts the shape of bend one Angle, depending on the shape, precision and parts production, but the amount of a variety of different forms of moulds, such as the common bending dies, CAM bending dies, stamping, arc edge bending dies, bending stamping dies and distortion rush seam. C. pumping system mould: pumping system tooling is made of plane wool embryo bottom seamless containers. D. forming mold: refers to the local deformation with various ways to change the shape of the blank casts a convex zhang, its form of forming dies, roll rim forming dies, necking forming dies, hole lugs forming dies, circular edge of forming dies. E. compression mould: is using powerful pressure, make metal blank casts flow deformation, become the shape, the type of needed a crowded system dies, embossing dies, stamping dies, end pressure dies.