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Auto mould maintenance knowledge

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 Auto mould maintenance knowledge

Auto mould level of maintenance
Auto mould level of maintenance refers to operating personnel in the production process of auto mould for daily maintenance, the main content and the brush, lubrication and inspection.
One, when a mold maintenance installed
Install mode to auto mould before the top and bottom surfaces clear brush, ensure auto mould mounting surface and compressor working mesa no compression injury and auto mould in production in the parallelism and installation.
Auto mould installed will auto mould open, will auto mould ministries distinguish wipe up, especially steering mechanism for surface parts, auto mould, its type surface clear wipe up, to ensure the quality of parts for auto mould. Each sliding parts, apply grease lubrication. Auto mould for various pieces of check, especially safety pieces. Such as: security side pin, safety screws, side guard board, punching waste way, etc.
Second, the production of maintenance
Production of the corresponding regularly, auto mould part greased. Such as: pull delay mode pressure material circle, rounded; Trimming mold the knife parts; Flanging knife block parts, etc.
The regular PLR ctr-otr mode of holes on waste clean-up wastes way.
Production maintenance
Production to auto mould after thorough check.
Auto mould carries on the comprehensive clear brush, ensure the purity of the auto mould.
Will auto mould clean the waste within, ensure waste box no waste.
Will the use of car dies after using state and the feedback to truthfully, auto mould subpoena.
Auto mould secondary maintenance
Auto mould secondary maintenance refers to the car dies technology according to state and complexity of auto mould for the regular system maintenance. The maintenance work of mould repairing personnel to complete, and according to maintain good record. Under conditions of different parts of the narrative secondly the requirements and methods.
Pull delay the punch, concave die mould: pull a delay convex, concave die mold main problems occur galling and the press pit, maintenance of main corner of auto mould parts for roughening. If appear polishing for auto mould pressing pit to, and then to fix on the repair.
Guide components (guide pin, guide packages and gib etc) : auto mould in the work may be pulled the phenomenon such as mark produced and main reasons. And the direction a lubricant dirty gap partial etc. Guide parts produced by the oil-stone push pull mark take along the way to eliminate after polishing.
Trimming blade: auto mould in use process knife-edge parts easy occurrence collapse blade and the blade collapse phenomenon. Right now to auto mould damage on the knife engaged repair

Spring elastic parts: in use process, spring is the most easy attaint, auto mould parts, usually appear rupture and one of deformation phenomenon. Take way is replaced, but replacement process must note spring specifications and types, specifications of the spring by color, the diameter and length, here only three determine three are the same until circumstances may be replaced.

The punch, blunt sets: auto mould is used on the punch, blunt set of most use standard parts, auto mould in use process punch broke, bending and easy appear by gnawing on phenomenon. Blunt sets are generally chew bad. The punch and blunt set of damage usually use the same specifications of parts replaced. The punch parameters are mainly working part size, install section size, length size, etc.
Fastening parts: check whether loose fastening parts or damage phenomenon. Take the way is to find the same specifications of parts for replacement.
Pressure and unloaded parts: pressure material parts such as pressure stripper plate, superior force glue, ex-denning parts such as the stripper plate, pneumatic top material device etc. When all parts of the maintenance check assembly relations and whether have damage, to repair the damaged part. Pneumatic top materials examined for leak phenomenon, and measures of concrete conditions. Such as tracheal damage for replacement, etc.